Hair length as of May 2016

The story of my hair is a very sad one. I basically have normal, dark blonde, nordic hair. When I was about 18 I started putting up all the time, not because I thought it looked better, but out of despair because I thought I was losing so much hair. I was wondering if I was going bald.

Then a couple of years later I was in nursing school, and I was in a very bad place and in poor condition. I was diagnosed with juvenile hypothyroidism, and I have been on meds after that. It gave me the answer as to why my hair way falling off.

After I was saved by Christ in 2008 (a story I will tell later) I started wearing my hair down, and I believe that a woman`s hair is her veil and that it should be long and that a man`s should be short. I had a long braid till 2012 when my cat died, and it effected me so deeply that I started losing my hair – again! When we went to Mallorca that year I was partially bald, and wearing wigs and extentions to hide it.

It took me many years to eventually let my mom cut my hair off, and I have let it grow out ever since then. Last year, I decided to “go natural” and let my dark blonde hair grow out again and stop bleaching it. But I have started bleaching it again simply because it is what makes me feel the best. So no, I am not all natural, but I am keeping the scissors away from my hair. It is about waist length now, and I am happy about it. This is a picture from today.




Author: Elizablog

Artist and painter

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