Last year around this time, we were heading to Turkey. Up till then, I was basically eating everything, not worrying about my diet too much.

I am overweight, so I had been looking around for answers and I had tried everything from XLS Medical to Tea Slender to Coffee Zero and nothing has worked. I spend a lot of time on YouTube, so I came across the vegan community. After that, I have changed my diet.

When I am at home, I eat mostly vegan. If I eat cheese or drink milk, I look for vegan alternatives. There is very little meat in my diet.

I am a flexitarian. That means for me, that I eat whatever is served when I am at a restaurant or at someone else`s place, but mostly eating vegan at home.

My new thing I will be trying out after we get home from Turkey, is to go fully raw. There is something about that diet that really appeals to me. I can live on fruit mostly.

I will definitely go to the fruit markets in Turkey and buy lots of fresh fruit, but I will start the fully raw diet when I get back home. I go to different places for fruit, and I like asian stores a lot. My favorite fruits are bananas and mangoes. There is nothing like a juicy yellow mango!!




Author: Elizablog

Artist and painter

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