Personal update

So much has happened lately that I don`t even know where to start. I have written before about my weight, and I have been at this weight for a couple of years now. I lost some weight and was down to 85 kilos for a while, then gained it all back and was 90 kilos before we left for Turkey. Now I am 95 kilos.

As a teenager I struggled with anorexia which lead into bulimia and I eventually had to get a new set of teeth because of the damage the disease did to me.

Being overweight started for me in my 20s after being put on different meds for bipolar disorder. I changed meds, then lost weight, suddenly got worse and changed meds and gained again.

I have tried everything to lose the weight: all kinds of diets, exercise, self help books, prayer, going vegetarian, going vegan and I still completely believe in eating a plant based diet. When I am at home I eat (mostly) vegan.

My doctor explained to me that it is most likely a combination of things that makes me overweight. My bipolar medication Risperdal, over eating, having obesity in the family on both sides, having hypothyroidism, etc

The weight has lead me into a state of despair now, and I fear ending up like some of my family members. So today I have been to a clinic and set up an appointment to have gastric sleeve surgery on July 6th.

I am tired of being the fat chick. I have told myself for many years that I am beautiful no matter what size I am, but the truth is that I have been ashamed of myself for gaining so much weight. I am sick of this “fat acceptance” thing. I have high blood pressure and I am pre-diabetic because of my weight, as well as feeling depressed about it. That is the truth.

So in less than a month, I will be having my surgery. There are a lot of clothes I can`t wait to fit into again! And I can`t wait to get HEALTHY! I will keep blogging about my journey with gastric sleeve, hoping that it can help others.



Author: Elizablog

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