Celebrating May 17th at Bistro Dolphine`s in Tosmur

It was time for Norwegian National Day evening dinner, and we went to Bistro Dolphine`s Restaurant in Tosmur, where we have been before, see this blog post: Bistro Dolphine`s Restaurant in Tosmur

We had reservations, which we needed, because the place was packed. The guys at Bistro Dolphine`s did everything to make this a special experience for us. We were greeted by this charming young man, who had a NORWAY shirt on, which was great!


We were happy to see Timo again too:


We first had starters, then my dad got fried shrimps, I got a calzone pizza and my mom got meatballs.

The food was awesome, there was live music and even fireworks! This is by far the best restaurant experience in Turkey, and I will give it 10 out of 10 on my review. Thanks so much to Bistro Dolphine`s for caring about Norwegian tourists in Alanya.

We finished the fantastic night with fruit salad, ice cream and bailey`s coffee!


Author: Elizablog

Artist and painter

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