Dinner at Osman`s Place in Oba

After church service, we walked back to the main street in Oba, where most of the restaurants are. We went to Osman`s, and were greeted by Mervan:


We have been there before, and you can read about it here:Osman`s Place in Oba

We thought we would give the restaurant a new chance.

There was free wifi, and I asked Mervan to put in the password for me. We noticed there were no other guests in the restaurant, and the whole evening we were there, we were the only customers.

I was a bit disappointed with the fried calamaris compared to the other restaurants we have been to. My parents shared a pizza and liked it. After the meal we had bailey`s coffee, cheese cake and ice cream.

We went home, and later in the night I started getting Snapchats from a stranger.


The sender later revealed himself:


I must say that this was very unprofessional by Mervan. He added me to his Snapchat when I gave him my phone for the wifi password! Because of this, and the whole experience, I cannot give this restaurant more than 5 of 10 on my review.



Author: Elizablog

Artist and painter

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