Gastric sleeve update – down 25 lbs

Yesterday it was 14 days since my gastric sleeve surgery at Volvat and it has taken me through heaven and hell. I must say that I wasn`t fully prepared for what I was putting myself through. Here is what happened:


I woke up early, took a shower, got dressed and took a taxi to the hospital. When I arrived early, there was already other patients waiting in line.

We spent some time in bed waiting for our turn, and it took several hours. I got really mad and yelled at one of the nurses. I weighed in at 92 kilos after the pre-op diet. Before I started with the diet I was 95.

I listened to ASMR videos before the surgery and one of my favorite ASMRtists is

Whispering rose

The nurse finally arrived to put the needles in me for intravenous medication, and I spoke to my surgeon dr Hallvard Græslie and the anesthesiologist as well. At about 2 o`clock I was taken in to the surgery room, and everything happened in a hurry. I drifted in to a comfortable sleep, the next thing I know I am waking up in the post-op room with horrible pain in my stomach area. I was given 10 mg of Ketorax. A nurse gave me a Fragmin injection. I had to stay there over night, along with the 8 other patients who had had gastric sleeve or gastric bypass that day. I could hear complaining and moaning all around me.

I was crying, and the wonderful nurses comforted me. I was actually able to get some sleep, just waking up when the nurses put an oxygen mask on me and took my blood pressure and gave me more pain meds.

My sister came to visit me but I was not in a good shape.


I was taken to a 3 patient bedroom, and I was really tired and had no energy whatsoever. We went to the kitchen area to talk to dietician Elisabeth Sofie Birkeland, and we were encouraged to drink a special protein drink. I also drank buillion, and took a pinch of salt. We were encouraged to drink a lot and go for walks by the nurses, but we had no energy. I got sick and tired of listening to the other patients moaning and noises, so I asked to be taken to a one patient room, and eventually I was. I took a shower, and also got my period. Now I understand why I was so miserable the day before and this picture I sent on Snapchat says it all. Completely miserable and hormonal!


My sister visited me again, and I was doing better.

The surgeon dr Græslie stopped by and assured me that everything was fine.

The nurses gave me Ketorax pills and anti nausea pills and Paralgin Major. I was told that I was the patient who had drank the most out of all of us!


It was time to go home, and my dad came to pick me up. I had already been to the pharmacy and bought calcium tablets, multi vitamin, iron tablets and Fresubin protein drinks and Protifar protein powder. I had my first taste of coffee and it was great.

The trip to my home town went ok, but I was dizzy and not feeling it. When we arrived at mom`s I was miserable. Every movement hurt. I was taking Paralgin Major and Paralgin Forte to cope with the pain. I drank Fresubin, milk and coffee.


This is when the vomiting started, usually after breakfast.There was less pain for each day, but I was still on pain meds. I was on a liquid diet, and many times I have regretted the whole surgery, I was jealous of my mom and dad for eating normal food.

I weighed myself every day, and I lost some weight and that made me feel good.

DAY 5-14

I stopped taking pain meds. The sores on my stomach started itching, and they were red.

I started having diarreah really bad, and the vomiting continued for several days.

I have been extremely unhappy at times eating only soups and yoghurt.

One day I weighed in at 85 kilos – that is 10 kilos down!  And I had lost it in only 12 days. So my mom took some pics of me in some of her dresses in a large size (previously I could only wear size extra large) and they looked great. These were clothes that I could only dream of fitting into before. Sorry about the hair and lack of make-up, but the pics were taken as we ate breakfast!


Now I am 84 kilos and that means that I am for my height no longer obese. I am now eating mashed foods. Scrambled eggs are my favorite. I have to be on this diet for 14 days, and then I can slowly start eating normal food. In a month or so I hope to be down to 80 kilos. My dad weighs 78 kilos.(But he is 6 foot 2)

My mood is a lot better as I see an end to the suffering.

One day I was feeling ok, we went to SunnBok and Misjonssentralen Gjenbruk, and I picked up some cool things for my house. It was a reward to myself for losing weight:

Here is a previous blog post about these stores:New look on my wall

I have been through hell with this surgery, but I am now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.Please keep me in your prayers as I continue this journey…




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