China Palace Restaurant in Bergen

Now that I have been treated for my ulcer and am back to eating normal food, I can go to restaurants again. I really enjoy meeting my family and having dinner with them.

China Palace Restaurant is a very popular chinese restaurant, and there were many guests. We arrived early, so we got a table right away, but by the time we were eating, there was a line of people waiting for tables. They have a pond with kois in the middle of the restaurant which is great to look at.

Because of my gastric sleeve surgery I can only eat half a portion of food, and when we asked for that, the waitress was unsure of what to do. She said that two other customers had asked for the same thing earlier that day. She then came back after asking the chef, and it was ok. Here she is, she was lovely:


So we got our dinner:

After that my sister and mom had bananas and ice cream, and I ate a little from their plates. We also had coffee.

I will give this restaurant a 9,5 out of 10 on my review because of the great food and service!


Author: Elizablog

Artist and painter

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