Wearing jeans for the first time in years

I have been all shapes and sizes in my life. I was an overweight child compared to my sister, then I went through anorexia in my teens. It turned into bulimia, and in my 20s I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and prescribed all kinds of psych meds, and went from skinny to slim to toned to chubby to obese, then I switched meds and lost weight again, but in the last years the pounds have just been packing on.

I have a huge wardrobe with clothes in all sizes.

I have always been a skirt and dress kind of woman, I find it more feminine than trousers and it is a personal preference. But today I went through my wardrobe and found some jeans that fit me.

I gave up on jeans some years ago when I was at Sparkjøp and size 46 was too small. I also remember an embarassing situation from Turkey. They had really nice jeans for a cheap price and I tried on a size 46 – and it was too small. The lady`s reaction was “but we don`t have anything bigger.” It was really depressing.

So now I can wear jeans again after the gastric sleeve surgery, and I took these pics:

I snapped this to my sister: “Me in jeans! Haven`t worn them in years!!”


This was her reaction: “Wow, you look super great.”

Thank you Jorun! I love you so much.



Author: Elizablog

Artist and painter

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