Portion control and the STOP button

As you may know, I had gastric sleeve surnery two months ago. I am now 77 kilos:


What has happened to me is that I have developed a STOP button inside That means that when I have had enough food (3-4 spoons) it says STOP inside me and I know that I have to put the food down, or vomit.

For example, mom and I made burgers. A meat burger for her and a vegan burger for me.

In the middle of the meal it says STOP and this is what was left:


We also made plukkfisk one day:


Before surgery I would have a big portion, but now all I ate was this:


I eat 6-8 small meals a day and this is why I am losing weight. I am so happy to have the STOP button so I can control my meals, and keep from vomiting. All in all, my life is way better now than a month ago when I didn`t have this in place.



Author: Elizablog

Artist and painter

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