Gastric sleeve – down 42 lbs

I am trying to blog from my new computer that I just bought. We have had some trouble with it, but hopefully this goes well.

On October 6th it will be 3 months since my gastric sleeve surgery. I have lost 42 lbs so far and I am happy about that of course, but my oh my have I had pains and complications too. Everything from daily vomiting & dumping to a stomach ulcer. I really don`t know if I would recommend this surgery to others. It really is a life changing thing. You may never be able to eat a normal portion of food again, or drink and eat at the same time.

At 95 kilos, I was very miserable about my body, but I was caught up in this “fat acceptance” thing. I thought I was healthy, I was just fat. Little did I know that my bladder problems were caused by the weight, also extremely high cholesterol and dangerously high blood pressure, and being pre-diabetic as well.

Now I am a completely different person. The bladder problems have gone away, I no longer have high blood pressure or high blood sugar levels. The cholesterol is still a bit high, but nothing that needs to be medicated according to my doctor. And I still have lots of lbs to lose.

A very good thing is that I am travelling with my mother to Turkey in 3 weeks. So there will be lots of blogging coming up from our out & about there, lots of restaurant reviews and so on. And it will be the first time in a LONG time that I will be going to the beach without being OBESE! I have bought new swimwear, and I have the scars from the surgery, but I will simply be enjoying myself. So stay around for that. Lots of love to all and here is a picture of me from yesterday in my new dress (I keep buying new clothes as I go down in size…):



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