When urinary retention is the problem

I have struggled with overactive bladder and urinary retention for many years, and I made a post about how I overcame overactive bladder. Now I will write some more about urinary retention.

Urinary retention is characterised by poor urinary stream with intermittent flow, straining, a sense of incomplete voiding, and hesitancy (a delay between trying to urinate and the flow actually beginning). As the bladder remains full, it may lead to incontinence, nocturia (need to urinate at night), and high frequency.

I would recommend kegel exercises. They increase the strength of the muscles that control the bladder – as well as the uterus, small intestine and rectum.

Try bladder training. I wrote about it here: How I overcame overactive bladder

Apply pressure over your bladder, massage the lower abdomen to promote full emptying of the bladder.

Self-catheterization: if an ultra sound shows that you have a lot of urine left in the bladder after emptying, you can try self-catheterization.

Be open with your doctor, remember that urinary retention can be caused by lots of different things like prostate growth, a spinal cord injury, blockage, bladder or kidney stones or constipation.

There are medications for relaxing the bladder and urethra muscles and help with prostate enlargement.

Surgical options like urethral dilation and stretching can be done if needed. There are also surgeries as a last resort: prostate surgery, internal urethrotomy and a cystocele or rectocele repair for women.

Sacral neuromodulation with mild electrical pulses for the nerves that control the bladder and the muscles of the lower pelvis related to urinating, can be an option.

My best tip is flaxseeds. They help sooth the lining of the urinary tract and this makes it easier to empty the bladder. You can put them in a smoothie or on your yoghurt, or simply take a spoon a day. This has really helped me.



Author: Elizablog

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