Galipo Restaurant in Tosmur

We have been to Galipo Restaurant many times before, and the food is always good. But this time it was different, because they serve really big portions of food, and I cannot deal with that after my gastric sleeve surgery. Mom and I decided to share a “Galipo Special” which was delicious, it was beef with garlic taste.

There were very few guests, but Galipo and his employees are very nice. I will give the restaurant 9 out of 10 on my review.

Galipo and the waiter Emin, took very good care of us.



After the meal, Emin served us a plate of fruit and apple tea free of charge! We recommend this restaurant to everyone!

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Galipo Restaurant in Tosmur

Our first night out we went to Galipo Restaurant in Tosmur. We have been there before and it is one of our favorite restaurants.

The starters are in a class of their own, the food is always excellent and you get fresh fruit and tea free of charge after the meal. There is always cool music from the 80s and 90s in the restaurant.

I and mom had fried calamaris and my dad had osmanish kebab. We really enjoyed it.


I will give this restaurant a score of 9 out of 10.


The employees are very nice and polite. Here is my mom and Ali:



And here she is with Emin:



And here is mom and dad with the boss Galipo himself!



Please visit this great restaurant if you are in the Tosmur area, you will not regret it!