Antep Sofrasi in Oba

After we were done at the market, we needed some coffee and something to eat. We stopped by Antep Sofrasi, a lovely little restaurant by the market.

We ordered a Turkish pizza, which was delicious. The coffee also tasted very good. I will give this restaurant 8 out of 10 on my review.

And it only cost us 12 lire! (For the pizza)

After we came back to Dim Villa, we had an in between meal with some of the stuff we bought at the market: avocado, radish and cheese:


SOLSIDEN Restaurant in Oba and back at the market

After church service in Oba, we needed something to eat. We discovered SOLSIDEN Restaurant by the main street. They obviously catered to a Norwegian crowd, and some waiters even spoke Norwegian too. It was late in the season, so there was not a lot to pick from on the menu. We asked if they had shrimp casserole, and they did not. So we ended up ordering an osmanish kebab to share.

It was a bit bigger than the other kebabs we have had. Also not as tasty as at Aisha`s. But overall a good restaurant experience. I will give it a 8,5 out of 10 on my review. The starters were great, with dips, olives and garlic butter and turkish bread. And the stew itself was very good.

The next day we were back at the market, and we bought more dried fruits and also some extremely cheap vegetables and cheese. We recommend everybody to go to the market for food, because they also let you taste before you buy, and the prices are great.

At the market in Oba

Every Monday there is a huge market in Oba with lots of stuff like clothes, souvenirs, bags, purses, perfumes, hygiene products, towels, underwear and so on. We went there and I bought three dresses, two pairs of shoes, tea and a bra that fitted me perfectly.


This is me wearing the dresses I bought at the market:


The fruit and vegetable market was very big and busy, and we bought fresh fruit and also dried fruit. I bought 1 kg of big juicy dates, 1 kg of cranberries, half a kilo of dried bananas and half a kilo of dried tomatoes. I feasted on the dates and used them for smoothies, and they tasted so delicious that we had to go back and buy more!