“Fourty, fat and finished”

I heard that somebody complained that they were “40, fat and finished!”

I am so glad I had my gastric sleeve done before 40, because now I feel better than ever! My next 40 will be my best 40! Here are some pics from my birthday party!


Hair care after gastric sleeve

I have had hair loss after my gastric sleeve surgery, but now it has grown back. I am using a special shampoo and conditioner called Priorin, and I noticed the difference after just a few washes. I also get blood work done regularly, check for iron and zinc deficiency, and I take lots of supplements.

Thankfully, the hair loss was temporary, and now it is not a problem any more.


Alcohol after gastric sleeve

I have had alcohol problems in the past, but now after my gastric sleeve surgery, I cannot handle it anymore. This is a good thing really. I have been going to NA meetings, and I recently celebrated 90 days sober.

When I try to drink, I vomit immediately. It doesn`t matter if it is beer, wine or liquor. We are going back to Turkey in May, and this time it will be a sober time for me.

It is tempting to drink alcohol there because it is everywhere and very cheap, but I will not mess up my sobriety this time.

Kokoreç & Kumru in Oba

More and more of the restaurants in Oba had closed down, and mom and I were looking for a place to eat. We discovered this restaurant by the taxi central, and we ordered meat balls, a portion to share. It was a pleasant experience, and the food was tasty. I will give this restaurant an 8 out of 10 on my review.

They didn`t have much on the menu, but we wanted meat balls. The staff were very friendly, and it didn`t take long to wait for the food.

Preparing for Turkey

On Saturday, mom and I are leaving for Turkey. It will be my first time travelling after the gastric sleeve surgery. I have already bleached my hair:

Yesterday was my sister`s birthday, and I was there to give her a painting:


It is breast cancer awareness month and I have my pink ribbon:


Now all I can do is keep packing my bags for Turkey, and I am really looking forward to it. Here are some pics I have posted before but they are worth posting again. Love to all!