Alcohol after gastric sleeve

I have had alcohol problems in the past, but now after my gastric sleeve surgery, I cannot handle it anymore. This is a good thing really. I have been going to NA meetings, and I recently celebrated 90 days sober.

When I try to drink, I vomit immediately. It doesn`t matter if it is beer, wine or liquor. We are going back to Turkey in May, and this time it will be a sober time for me.

It is tempting to drink alcohol there because it is everywhere and very cheap, but I will not mess up my sobriety this time.

Kokoreç & Kumru in Oba

More and more of the restaurants in Oba had closed down, and mom and I were looking for a place to eat. We discovered this restaurant by the taxi central, and we ordered meat balls, a portion to share. It was a pleasant experience, and the food was tasty. I will give this restaurant an 8 out of 10 on my review.

They didn`t have much on the menu, but we wanted meat balls. The staff were very friendly, and it didn`t take long to wait for the food.

Preparing for Turkey

On Saturday, mom and I are leaving for Turkey. It will be my first time travelling after the gastric sleeve surgery. I have already bleached my hair:

Yesterday was my sister`s birthday, and I was there to give her a painting:


It is breast cancer awareness month and I have my pink ribbon:


Now all I can do is keep packing my bags for Turkey, and I am really looking forward to it. Here are some pics I have posted before but they are worth posting again. Love to all!

The Blues Steak & Seafood Restaurant in Kestel

I got my period and wasn`t feeling well, so we didn`t go to the beach. We spent some time looking around the neighbourhood, and we decided to go to The Blues Steak & Seafood Restaurant for lunch.

We met Aisha and her husband Gilad who gave us great food. Burgers for me and mom, and omelet for dad.

The next day we went back for lunch again, and this time decided to try the chef`s salad. It was so delicious, one of the best salads I have had in my life. So it was definitely a 9 out of 10 on my review. Very affordable as well.