Christmas concert at Rick`s and Christmas shopping and preparations

I went to Rick`s and witnessed a great christian concert made by the church Salt:

I had been to restaurant Pascal to a couple of days earlier and enjoyed a huge plate of Cesars salad. Thankfully, my mom came from court to save me and eat the rest of the meal. I will give this restaurant a 9 out of 10 on my review.

Then I went home to my home town and we did some Christmas shopping at SunnBok and Misjonssentralen Gjenbruk.

We then made dates with bacon wrapped around them as a pre Christmas meal:

Then mom and I prepared the Christmas table and Christmas tree.


Disappointment at Bistro Dolphine`s and church service in Oba

We went back to Bistro Dolphine`s and asked if they could make a shrimp casserole for us to share. This was no problem.

The shrimp casserole was delicious, but after my gastric sleeve surgery, I was only able to handle this:


Then a guy who called himself “Jackson” came and introduced himself. I had never seen him before. He said he was looking for a girl to be his girlfriend to teach him some Norwegian, and asked if that could be me. When I wasn`t interested, he made comments that were rude. I had in one hair extention, and he walked around saying my hair wasn`t real. I really hope the guys at Dolphine`s fire this guy before he ruins the experience of other restaurant guests in the future.

After the meal, the father of Yunus offered to give us a ride home. This was great! I will give this experience an 8 out of 10, but as I wrote earlier, I hope they fire this guy “Jackson.”


The next day, we were in Oba for church service. It was a really nice time. After that we walked about the empty streets of Oba, seeing the different restaurants closed down for the season.