Galipo Restaurant in Tosmur

Our first night out we went to Galipo Restaurant in Tosmur. We have been there before and it is one of our favorite restaurants.

The starters are in a class of their own, the food is always excellent and you get fresh fruit and tea free of charge after the meal. There is always cool music from the 80s and 90s in the restaurant.

I and mom had fried calamaris and my dad had osmanish kebab. We really enjoyed it.


I will give this restaurant a score of 9 out of 10.


The employees are very nice and polite. Here is my mom and Ali:



And here she is with Emin:



And here is mom and dad with the boss Galipo himself!



Please visit this great restaurant if you are in the Tosmur area, you will not regret it!


Life update

I have been in Turkey for 3 weeks. I am now transitioning into a raw vegan diet. I am doing it for the animals and the environment, but also for health reasons. I am 90 kg at 5 ft 6, so that puts me in the obese category. I obviously want to lose weight.

I usually start my day with some dates or two bananas. Then I go out for exercise. When I come home I make myself a smoothie, and I also make juice with my juicer. I have stopped drinking alcohol completely, and I also want to quit caffeine.

I really like mangoes, and I have maybe 3 big mangoes for dinner, and some bananas as well. Then I eat fruit for the rest of the day, and I like pears, apples and nectarines.

If I feel hungry before bed time, I eat two bananas. One tip I can give to people in Norway who are fruitarians is to go grocery shopping early on Mondays. This is the time when they throw away old fruit and replace them with new ones, like green bananas. The old fruit is ripe, and there is nothing wrong with them. If you ask politely, you can have this fruit for a cheap price and I have also experienced getting them for free.

Bananas with brown spots are great for smoothies. I am also enjoying all the juicy big dates I brought from Turkey. This is the smoothie I made today. You need:

10-15 pitted dates

1 liter of water (or how much you want)

peppermint drops (one drop is usually enough)

3 table poons of coconut sugar

Blend it up and enjoy the rush! With the peppermint drops you will get a really good, fresh breath too, so that is great.


My review of Schwarzkopf Blonde for hair bleaching

I have been into hair bleaching for some years now. What I like to do is bleach it on top, and let my natural dark blonde hair grow out on the bottom.

I have used Schwarzkopf Blonde L1 + for about a year and I am very happy about it. It is very easy to do at home and takes about 50 minutes with preparations, bleaching time, and then washing and conditioning. The only thing I don`t like are the gloves, so I buy separate gloves from Europris. I don`t go to hair salons any more, I fix my own hair.

I am travelling to Turkey on Saturday, so I fixed my hair today. This is the result.


Hair products for Turkey

I have been to Glitter and bought me some cool hair products. I have bought flowers to put in my braid, and bright pink hair color to spice things up. If I wear my glasses and have my tattoos out, I will probably look like one of the feminists out of a slut walk (minus the skanky outfit) but I don`t really care about that. I know my values in my heart. Don`t judge a book by its cover!

Check out all the cool stuff for hair, and also all the jewelry here: